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Corporate Overview

Welcome To Excellence In Practice

We are a Chartered Accounting Firm, fully licensed and qualified to practice in and delivery of every type of services that you can expect of any International Accounting Firm.

At GEP, we LISTEN to you, UNDERSTAND your problems and provide you with solutions. We LISTEN, UNDERSTAND and PROVIDE from a background as rich and varied as any other International Practice you may come across but yet with a local touch that can be expected of a firm that was established more than 36 years ago.

Providing services ranging from Public Listed and Multinational Companies to the humble but necessary book keeping for sole proprietors, we treat all our clients as friends, all having the same expectation in terms of our level of service and differing only in the solutions required.

Being our friends, we act as the receptacle for the deposit of all your problems and as an efficient designer and manufacturer of solutions, thus leaving our clients with the maximum time and energy to do what they do best – MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS.

Our tradition of going that proverbial extra mile and our knack for being able to suggest that value added advice and service at the right time cannot be adequately described within this short introduction.

We suggest that you talk to us.


The firm has a history dating back to 1980 when one of the partners commenced operations. On 1 January 1996, the firm’s name was changed to GEP Associates. GEP is derived from the initials of the four founding partners i.e. Felix Gong, Esther Tan, the late Ewe Chin Aun and Lau Chin Park.

Over the years, it has gradually grown into one of the leading mid tier firm in Malaysia providing a variety of services to Companies in every Industry ranging from Public Listed Companies (PLCs) to Multinational Corporations (MNCs) and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs).

In order to be able to service our growing clients who intend to expand overseas, on 1 June 1992, our firm became an independent member of AGN International Ltd, a worldwide Association of Accounting and Consulting firms. As at todate, AGN comprise of 182 members in 87 countries with 444 offices, 10,778 partners and staff with a revenue of US$1.2 billion. It ranks amongst the top 20 Accounting Firms worldwide.

Today, GEP Associates has 6 partners and directors supported by more 80 staff with offices in Petaling Jaya and Johor Bharu.