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Audit and Assurance

Audit & Assurance Services

It is a statutory requirement that a company incorporated in Malaysia has to prepare its financial statements in accordance with the applicable approved accounting standards in Malaysia and the said statements are to be audited by an approved company auditor in accordance with approved standards on auditing in Malaysia.

Our audit team has the skill, knowledge and experience in providing audit and assurance services to companies ranging from small to large including multinational companies and public listed companies. By understanding our clients’ business, we are able to perform audit effectively and efficiently in accordance with the International Standard on Auditing. After completion of the audit, we would report to Management on the scope and findings of our examination and on significant accounting and internal control matters as well as present to Management suggestions for improving the internal accounting controls. In addition, we provide continuous technical support to our clients on financial reporting requirements in accordance with the approved accounting standards in Malaysia.

Apart from the statutory audits, we also provide

  • Audits of charitable organisations, associations and other unincorporated bodies
  • Financial due diligence reviews
  • Special purpose assignments which include special audits, reviews, agreed upon procedures and compilations
  • Investigating accounting reports
  • Valuation of shares and business
  • Reporting accountants
  • Preparing financial statements to comply with applicable approved accounting standards
  • Any other verification works by an approved company auditors